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Why Concrete Rehabilitation Is A Low-Cost Method For Maintaining Infrastructure

SA Corrosion Control is an industry leader in a multitude of services that serves to enhance structural integrity and operational improvement for projects and businesses across South Africa. Our services expand to Sandblasting, Sponge Blasting, Vapour Blasting, Coating Applications as well as Concrete Rehabilitation.

As part of our core service offering of Concrete Rehabilitation includes the patch repair system using an epoxy or cementititious repair mortar. Our operational techniques are advanced and tested in the industry with the highest quality assurance.

In addition to the patch repair systems, SA Corrosion Control also utilises techniques such as moisture repair mortar, moisture barrier system as a Protective Coating property, Coating of steel reinforcement, Cathodic protection, Chloric extraction, Re-alkalisation as well as crack repair. The crack repair can be utilised through various methods such as epoxy, chemical and cementititious grout injection.

Distinctive advantages of concrete rehabilitation include cost-effectiveness as repairing specific components of the building. The infrastructure is reinforced with quality materials and reduces the risk of upgrading the structure from the foundation. Concrete rehabilitation is also economical to the extent that it is more favourable than demolishing an entire building.

Buildings are susceptible to deterioration due to exposure to the elements and general wear and tear of building materials.

For more information regarding concrete rehabilitation, contact SA Corrosion Control today.

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