Physical Address:
41 OR Tambo Street
Middelburg Mpumalanga
South Africa 1050
Tel: (+27) 13 243 0050 Fax: (+27) 13 243 5882


Sandblasting Services

(Dry abrasive blast cleaning)
(Medium to high dust)

Grit blasting

- Micro blasting- Glass bead blasting- Shot blasting
- Soda blasting
- Vacuum box abrasive blasting
- Blasting cabinets
- Decorative sandblasting on glass and wood
- Specialized blast tents

Our team specializes in surface preparation for Non destructive testing, coating applications and industrial coating applications.

Sponge Blasting Services

(Dry abrasive blast cleaning)
(Dust free)

- Alu-Sponge Blasting
- SG – Sponge Blasting
- Micro Sponge Blasting
- Sponge Bead – Sponge Blasting
- Urea Sponge Blasting
- NA – Sponge Blasting
- Specialised blast tents

Authorized applicator and distributor of Sponge Blast equipment and Media.

Vapour Blasting Services

(Wet abrasive blast cleaning)
(Low to no dust)

- Grit blasting
- Micro blasting
- Shot blasting
- Soda blasting
- Specialised blast tents

Our team specializes in surface preparation for Non destructive testing, coating applications and industrial coating applications.

Coating Application

- Acrylic coatings
- Alkyd coatings
- Zinc Coatings
- Epoxy Coatings
- High Temperature Coatings
- Polyurethane Coatings
- Vinyl coatings
- Ceramic coatings
- Fiber grate coatings
- Fireproofing coatings
- Hot Dip Galvanizing
- Denso Steel Protection
- Airless Spray Painting
- Conventional Spray Painting
- Brush Painting

” Powder coatings “
” Linings “
” Cathodic Protection “
” Anodic Protection “
” Stainless Steel Polishing “

- NACE Level 1 Coating Inspector
- NACE Level 2 Coating Inspector
- NACE Level 3 Coating Inspector


 Sand Blasting Equipment
- Complete Systems

Sponge Blasting Equipment
- Complete Systems

Abrasive Blasting Media Supply

- Aluminium Oxide
- Garnet
- Glass Beads
- Steel Grit
- Steel Shot
- Soda Blast
- Chrome Slag

Sponge Blasting Abrasive Media Supply

- Alu-Sponge
- SG-Sponge
- Micro-Sponge
- Sponge-Bead
- Urea-Sponge
- NA-Sponge

Environmental Supply

- Absorbents and Rehabilitation Products
- Spill Kits

Concrete Rehabilitation

- Patch repair systems using a epoxy or cementitious repair mortar
- Moisture repair mortar
- Moisture barrier system (Protective coating)
- Coating of steel reinforcement
- Cathodic protection
- Chloride extraction
- Re-alkalisation
- Crack repair (epoxy / chemical / cementitious grout injection)

Monolithic Refractory


 Acid Refractories
- Chemical Bonded
- Conventional Castable
- Dry vibratable materials
- Gunning
- Insultion castable
- Low cement castable
- Mortar
- Parting
- Plaster
- Ramming
- Self flow castable

 Basic Refractories

- Basic Castable
- Basic Gunning
- Converter repair Kit

Thermal Spray

Coating materials
- Zinc
- Aluminum

Types of thermal spraying

- Flame spraying


- Corrosion control

Environmental Control

Absorbent & oil spill products
- Chemical absorbents
-Booms & Pillows
- Absorbent rolls
- Fine Sorb
- Spill kits

Complete oil separation solutions- Supply oil separators
- Service, maintenance & repairs of oily water separator systems
- Separator pit cleaning

24 hour spill response
- Spill cleanup of diesel, oil and chemical contaminants on soil, land, hard surface and water on a 24 hour basis

- of Hydro carbon pollution
- Bioremediation
- Soil, land or hard surface remediation
- Monitoring and sampling

Silt & sludge on site treatment
Silt & sludge removal
Industrial cleaning
Boiler washing

Pump Refurbishment

Pump Refurbishment
Impellers, Volutes, Casings
- Axial flow pumps
- Centrifugal pumps
- High pressure pumps
- Horizontal slurry pumps
- Vertical slurry pumps
- Industrial and chemical pumps
- Mine dewatering pumps
- Non-clog pumps
- PD pumps
- Submersible pumps

Scrap Metal

Buying and Selling of:
- Ferrous Metals
- Non-Ferrous Metals
- Clear Plastics
Blasting Bay

Our custom built blasting bay (13m long X 5m high X 6m wide) at 12 Milner Street, Paarden Eiland is fully equipped to handle any requirements.

Our blasting bay is completely sound proof, dust proof, visibility a top priority our extraction units makes it possible to view the progress through our viewing glass on either side of the blasting bay while our team is in the process of Sandblasting or applying the coating application.

Accessibility and maneuverability is made easy with the overhead crane, flat bed trolley and double doors on either side of the blasting bay.

Working sufficiently and safe.

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