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All about sandblasting services

Sandblasting which is also commonly referred to as abrasive blasting is a process in which a medium is used to smoothen out or polish a rough surface.  In a world full of machinery and metal parts, rust and corrosion are a common pestilence. Fortunately, sandblasting is a quick and efficient solution to getting these metal parts functioning and looking their optimum best. This process can also be used to prepare surfaces that need repainting. more…

The reason why bioremediation is a good solution for environmental rehabilitation

As the world plunges further into environmental distress, the need for eco-friendly solutions across every industry has never been higher. There are many ways to conserve and clean the environment, remediation is one of them. The bioremediation process is a method used in remediation that is favoured because of its sustainability and cost-effectiveness and is considered a crucial practice for environmental rehabilitation.


The different applications for industrial coatings

There are many types of industrial coatings on the market. Each of these coatings have their unique properties that make them useful for different applications. Read more about the different applications for industrial coatings below:


Epoxy coatings

Epoxy coatings are not just epoxy. They consist of an epoxy base, and either one or two additional industrial coating products such as a zinc-rich coating or polyurethane coating. The combination of coatings makes for different final outcomes that are suited to different environments.


A look into the process of cleaning Chemical, Oil or Contaminant spills

Chemicals, oils and contaminates are all products that, once spilled, can be extremely difficult to clean up. Leaving these products on the floor can also cause major damage. If you’re struggling to clean up these tough stains, we’re here to help. Read about the process of cleaning chemical, oil or contaminate spills below:

Chemical spills:


How To Keep Corrosion To A Minimum

It is important to understand the fundamentals of corrosion, how and why it occurs. Chemistry basics will be the main answer to solving the corrosion problem.

The conditions required for corrosion to occur must have three core components. These include metal or iron, oxygen originating from the atmosphere and an electrolyte which is predominantly water


Here are a few things to consider keeping corrosion to a minimum:


Why Concrete Rehabilitation Is A Low-Cost Method For Maintaining Infrastructure

SA Corrosion Control is an industry leader in a multitude of services that serves to enhance structural integrity and operational improvement for projects and businesses across South Africa. Our services expand to Sandblasting, Sponge Blasting, Vapour Blasting, Coating Applications as well as Concrete Rehabilitation.

As part of our core service offering of Concrete Rehabilitation includes the patch repair system using an epoxy or cementititious repair mortar. Our operational techniques are advanced and tested in the industry with the highest quality assurance.

In addition to the patch repair systems, SA Corrosion Control also utilises techniques such as moisture repair mortar, moisture barrier system as a Protective Coating property, Coating of steel reinforcement, Cathodic protection, Chloric extraction, Re-alkalisation as well as crack repair. The crack repair can be utilised through various methods such as epoxy, chemical and cementititious grout injection. more…

Why Surface Preparation Is An Important Step To Take When Repainting

SA Corrosion Control prides itself as an organisation that offers comprehensive products and services that delivers exceptional results to a wide range of industries and contexts.

Although the end result of the repainting process looks seamlessly executed, it should be important to note that the key step of repainting a surface lies in the pre-preparation of the surface. This is due to unseen residue and components that need to be removed or added to the surface before anything else should be done.

Here are a few key points to remember when preparing a surface for repainting: more…

Tips On How To Maintain Your Sandblasting Machine

Here are a few important tips on how to maintain your Sandblasting Machine:

1 – On Gas roads, sand roads: Check the pipeline for any damage or leakage, if any, should be replaced or removed immediately.
2 – Spray gun and sheath: check the spray gun and sheath wear, if serious wear or blasting efficiency significantly reduced, should be replaced immediately.
3 – Abrasive in the tank: If the amount of sand is insufficient, immediately stop working and add abrasives immediately. It can also be supplemented regularly according to the loss situation during the actual use.
4 – Sandblasting compartment door control protective switch: Check gate control protective switch action whether is sensitive and effective, if the action failure, should be checked immediately.

5 – Oil-water separator: Inspect whether the oil-water separator whether is hydronephrosis and if there is a lot of water, it should be discharged immediately.
6 – Sealing and protection: Verify the condition of your sealing parts, especially the more…

What is the difference between Sandblasting and Sponge Blasting?

Sandblasting and “sponge” blasting fall into the “abrasive blasting” category albeit with different applications.

Sponge blasting makes use of a line of material that are micro abrasive, with a high-performance synthetic sponge like material that is designed to prevent damage to the material being cleaned.
Sponge blasting also collects most of what is thrown up by the blasting exercise – useful when thinking of all the potentially dangerous emissions that can result from the cleaning of certain types of materials and/or in certain types of environments.
When you are looking to clean highly sensitive or delicate materials (yet still in need of aggressive cleaning) then Sponge blasting is a very effective and reliable solution.


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