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Why Surface Preparation Is An Important Step To Take When Repainting

SA Corrosion Control prides itself as an organisation that offers comprehensive products and services that delivers exceptional results to a wide range of industries and contexts.

Although the end result of the repainting process looks seamlessly executed, it should be important to note that the key step of repainting a surface lies in the pre-preparation of the surface. This is due to unseen residue and components that need to be removed or added to the surface before anything else should be done.

Here are a few key points to remember when preparing a surface for repainting:

  • Removing old peeling paint
  • Ensuring that rust is treated and removed
  • Repairing small holes and dents within the surface
  • Priming the surface with the correct sealant

There are a multitude of reasons why surface preparation is critical to the repainting process. One of the core components of repainting a surface is choosing the type of coating or sealant you will be using. This can help in alleviating the excess waste of sealant or coating and can assist in extending the durability of the coating.

Over time, the elements such as debris, wear and tear as well as staining can place a damper on the surface. When efficient preparation of the surface is completed, other components of the surface such as metal, concrete or steel can be enhanced for longer use.

An equally important reason for preparing the surface for repainting is the even results. There are usually minuscule bumpy, bubble-like paint stains on the surface if the surface is not evenly prepared with the correct techniques and materials.

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